There are no other altcoins ter the top 50 demonstrating green gains this morning.

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After a few days of solid gains and good momentum the markets are sliding back downwards merienda again. Sparked by fears of a clampdown on Binance ter Japan everything is ter the crimson again this morning, a toneel which has become finta commonplace this year. Bitcoin has declined by 6.8% on the day and has fallen back to $8,450 with further losses looking likely spil wij inject the weekend. Altcoins spil usual have all taken a similar hammering and all te the top 25 are te the crimson. Wij have to look outside the 25 largest coins to find one that has made gains and today that coin is Brink.

According to Coinmarketcap XVG is up almost 8% during this morning’s Asian trading session while almost every other altcoin ter the top 25 has lost ground. The spike came around six hours ago when Edge hopped from $0.031 to $0.041 before pulling back to $0.037 where it presently trades. Overheen the week XVG is up by around 7.5% however the monthly picture is not so pretty spil this altcoin has lost overheen 43%. Ter terms of BTC Brink is trading almost 16% higher today at 445 satoshis from 380 the same time yesterday. The longer term trend is a long slow decline however from its peak of almost 1900 satoshis ($0.25) ter early January.

Brink has bot one of those classic pump and dump altcoins, boosted by shills and hype then dropped like the proverbial hot rock when the FUD storm followed. This latest pump has come from a Tweet a few hours ago about “an chance for Brink to have the largest partnership ter crypto to date!”,

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** Significant UPDATE! ** An chance for Brink to have the largest partnership ter crypto to date!

The community is attempting to crowd fund 75 million XVG by Monday when they will release more details on this mysterious partnership. This has to be large to bring Edge back to its former glory.

XVG is traded largely on Binance with 65% of the total $55 million daily volume. Bittrex and Upbit are the next two exchanges sharing that volume, presently Edge has a market capacity of $546 million which ranks it outside the top 25 at 27 th . There are 16.Five billion XVG ter supply with 14.7 billion te circulation.

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There are no other altcoins te the top 50 showcasing green gains this morning. The entire crypto market has shed 8.5% ter 24 hours and resumes to fall. Current market cap stands at $322 billion, and wij are left wondering if it will head back to that monthly low of $275 billion on March Eighteen.

FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 25 altcoins during the Asian trading session and analyses the best performing one, looking for trends and fundamentals.

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