South Korean exchange Upbit also added support for BitTube’s altcoin the same day.

BitTube (TUBE), formerly known spil IPBC, has gained broader recognition and the altcoin has bot added to beloved cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex and Upbit on June Five, .

BTCManager very first covered IPBC (now known spil BitTube) te early April , and the cryptocurrency has made substantial progress te just a duo of months, including exchange listings and a better user practice overall.

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The verhoging provides a censorship-free outlet for movie creators and livestreamers by utilizing the InterPlanetary Opstopping System (IPFS), along with the CryptoNight protocol to prize content creators whenever their material is viewed. Users can also build up prizes from engagement.

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Similar to how many philanthropic causes, and clever cyberpunks, have mined the cryptocurrency monero via a computer’s browser to generate themselves some funds, BitTube works on a similar concept, borrowing your CPU cycle when watching movies on the verhoging to help mint fresh TUBE coins.

Addition to Bittrex, Upbit Boosts Price

TUBE is a mineable altcoin you can use to pay for content on BitTube, peak creators, and eventually, rent movies spil you would on Netflix. Alternatively, you can earn TUBE by submitting movies or live rivulets.

With a clear use case and no ICO, the cryptocurrency wasgoed destined for fine things early on and wasgoed added to Bittrex on June Five, prompting a massive spike te volume and value. TUBE reached a fresh high on the TradeOgre exchange, trading spil high spil $0.46, with the price presently near $0.26 at the time of writing.

Large Spike ter Volume

According to CoinMarketCap, the 24-hour volume is almost 80 procent of the cryptocurrency’s market capitalization ($15.Five million) at the time of writing. Reminisce, volume precedes price, which means that this is a good sign that the upward climb will proceed overheen the medium term. Of course, overheen the brief term, wij may see some profit-taking and a slight decline from current levels.

Quick update: The $TUBE wallet is open and trading will start within the hour on @BittrexExchange. For more information about BitTube (TUBE) visit:

— Bittrex (@BittrexExchange) June Five,

One excellent benefit of being on Bittrex is the greater visibility and attention the coin will receive.

For example, many smaller cryptocurrency exchanges are not included on TradingView, a popular implement for crypto traders. Since TUBE is now available on Bittrex, traders will now be able to analyze price movements using technical analysis on the well-known trading podium. Coinigy is a similar toneelpodium that covers smaller exchanges but is not spil popular.

South Korean exchange Upbit also added support for BitTube’s altcoin the same day. The BitTube team have waterput ter a request for addition to Binance, which could strengthen the bullish trend even more.

Mobile Support Coming Soon

Since April, the team has made stable progress, implementing the YouTube migration, permitting anyone with a YouTube channel to set themselves up on the BitTube verhoging automatically, and adding more languages to voorkant Chinese, German, Spanish, and Russian.

The crypto verhoging is also set to release mobile apps ter the coming week for both Android and iOS and stir to a less resource intensive prize system known spil Proof of Verification to support the mobile rollout.

Disclaimer: The author is still long on TUBE.

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