Evercoin cautiously chooses the crypto assets wij support,” said Evercoin founder and CEO Talip Ozturk .

The fresh additions to the Sways ecosystem include an instant exchange, an up-and-coming South Korean exchange and a peer-to-peer exchange based te the UK.

Swings announces its listing on no fewer than three fresh exchange services today: Evercoin, Upbit and Cryptomate.

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Evercoin is an instant exchange service based te Silicon Valley and founded by Talip Ozturk, who also created Hazelcast — an open source distributed database used by some of the largest financial services companies ter the world. Spil with similar instant-exchange services, Evercoin permits users to keep control of their crypto and does not hold keys to any funds, making it very secure spil well spil swift and convenient.

“We’re pleased that Evercoin Exchange has added Sways token. Wij are sure that it will bring fresh opportunities to our investors and communities spil Evercoin provides a high level of security and has good potential due to its professional team and innovative technology treatment. It is the volmaakt complement to existing centralised exchanges and our own DEX ter this regard,” said Alexander Ivanov, CEO and founder of Flaps Verhoging. “Evercoin cautiously chooses the crypto assets wij support,” said Evercoin founder and CEO Talip Ozturk. “We recognize the strength of the Sways toneelpodium through its sturdy daily trading volume and growing ecosystem of dApps.”

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Secondly, South Korean exchange Upbit has listed Flaps. This is a significant budge, since the country is proving utterly interested te cryptocurrency and is accounting for an enlargening share of trading volumes. The exchange is launched by internet giant Kakao, ter partnership with Bittrex, and looks set to challenge the existing major players such spil Bithumb for a slice of the market. This year Kakao has already launched its own internet handelsbank and Kakao Pay, the 2nd most popular mobile payment solution te the country. Kakao has bot seeking to budge into the cryptocurrency world, and its fresh venture is a promising step forwards.

Lastly, UK peer-to-peer service Cryptomate will support Sways, adding the token to its list of existing cryptocurrencies including BTC, LTC, DASH, XRP and DOGE. Cryptomate offers a straightforward way for UK citizens to buy crypto via canap transfers — the easiest way to acquire altcoins directly, since there are few traditional UK crypto exchanges due to the difficulties involved ter organising banking facilities.

3 thoughts on “Evercoin cautiously chooses the crypto assets wij support,” said Evercoin founder and CEO Talip Ozturk .

  1. I discovered the difficulties when I desired to access my acount on the webpagina and wasgoed incapable to do so. It’s good that they are back but I don’t think all is set yet spil I still can’t transfer funds to my account. Perhaps they are still working on the engine. Hope everything get back to regular soon.

  2. I suggest you never keep all your funds te the crypto exchange since it’s not very safe since you never know what might toebijten ter the future. Also, if someone hackers Binance, I do not think they will have enough funds to voorkant the losses because this exchange is also an ICO project. I always send my fund to trade for less than a week and withdraw it spil soon spil possible.

  3. Their price has held up fairly well during the crash aswell. It’s the only coin I’ve bot holding long term, literally mad how prompt their company has grown whilst being profitable from day 1.

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