All currencies are ripping off like flies, albeit the EOS price is undoubtedly taking the brunt of the brunt.

Spil wasgoed to be expected during the latest crypto market recovery, a further decline would occur sooner or straks. Unluckily for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts, that correction is taking place right now. All currencies are pulling down like flies, albeit the EOS price is certainly taking the brunt of the brunt.

EOS Price Resumes its Decline

It wasgoed not entirely unexpected to see the EOS price decline further. Albeit this project has had a superb run so far, the launch of its main netwerken has not bot received all that well. Numerous issues combined with a fair amount of FUD are making this project looked a lotsbestemming worse than it indeed is. It is only natural those developments also affect the EOS price, and not ter a positive manner.

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Overheen the past 24 hours, the EOS price has lost another 6.64% of its value. Considering how all major currencies are losing value right now this will not indeed verrassing anyone at this stage. If Bitcoin goes down, so will Ethereum, and by default, all other cryptocurrencies which are not Tether. It is the way this industry works spil of right now, and there is no existente improvement on the horizon just yet.

To waterput this into perspective, the EOS price decline is fueled by ongoing declines against both Bitcoin and Ethereum. The EOS/BTC ratio decreased by Five.81%, whereas the EOS/ETH ratio lost Two.58% ter the past 24 hours. All of those declines add up to a relatively big setback te USD value, pushing the EOS price down to $7.72 at the time of writing.

Even tho’ EOS has no vivo shortage of trading volume , it seems there isn’t enough positive pressure on the market right now. Instead, the sellers are clearly te utter control of this market. An annoying situation for people keeping tabs on the EOS price, albeit it seems unlikely anything will switch te the coming hours.

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Spil of right now, OKEx leads the trading volume charts with its USDT pair. Two other exchanges offerande a USDT trading pair ter the top five, spil both Huobi and Binance are part of the vaart spil well. Bitfinex provides USD trading and Upbit’s KRW pair is everzwijn present. An interesting mix of different pairs, albeit it seems unlikely this will be sufficient to keep the EOS price trend at this level, let alone thrust it up a few notches.

For the time being, it remains to be determined how the EOS price will evolve ter the hours and days to come. With all major currencies facing big setbacks right now, it seems very unlikely the EOS price will fare any better. Even so, stranger things have happened ter this industry, and anything is possible at all times.

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