STeX.Exchange has a ordinary, user-friendly interface.

STeX.Exchange brainy cryptocurrency trading podium with automated liquidity aggregation function has developed and introduced a decentralized А2А (Any2Any) technology. It permits instantaneous and meteen currency exchange via a single transaction.

Modern-day exchanges lack liquidity: some of them only trade popular currencies, others have dozens or hundreds of currency pairs. This makes traders use several exchanges and lose precious time on assets investment and withdrawal, therefore often failing to grab a good opoffering.

STeX.Exchange is the very first cryptocurrency exchange that works spil an aggregator: it automatically collects and combines offers from the best exchanges ter a single verhoging. It permits professional traders to increase their profit and save both time and money without having to switch inbetween accounts. The toneel supports overheen 200,000 cross-rates, while most of the competitors offerande not more than 200 currency pairs. It permits you to buy all cryptocurrency on one exchange!

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“Our project has every chance to become at least Top-10 of the growing cryptocurrency market presently estimated to be worth Ten billion USD. A2A technology is unparalleled ter treating all the cross-rates. Not only does it propel cryptocurrency trading to the level of large world stock exchanges, it also sets a fresh technological standard for the industry”, – said Nicholas Price, SEO, and Co-Founder of STeX.Exchange .

STeX.Exchange offers rates for any coin exchanges and platforms for professional trading with thousands of trading devices. The verhoging comprises the speed of a centralized exchange and account management safety of a decentralized one. STeX.Exchange has a elementary, user-friendly interface.

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The company has also issued fresh A2A utility token. You can use ETH, BTC, Dash, zCash or Ripple for payment. Tokens can be used inwards the Stex podium for bonuses and discounted commission payment. All STeX Exchange users have a 50% discount for commission payment with A2A tokens from their internal cómputo.

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