US Caudal Markets Review Five

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The US hacienda markets had a strong week, with each of the major indicies (S&P 500, Nasdaq and Dow) each up around Two.5%. The Nasdaq is now up overheen 7% YTD, while the Dow has lagged at up 0.5%.

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Ter normal, commodities were mostly vapid, but Oil wasgoed up another 1.2% for the week, putting the build up for the year overheen 17%. The hop wasgoed attributed to the US pulling out of the Iran nuclear overeenkomst and oil closed at $70.59 a barrel:

The dollar index wasgoed slightly down for the week after a strong last few weeks. Spil well.

Te economic news, inflation numbers came out for the consumer price index, which demonstrated lower than expected inflation at just overheen 2%. Consumer staples and consumer discretionary industry stocks lagged during the week accordingly, posting weekly numbers of -0.5% and +0.8%, respectively. Technology wasgoed an out performer again this week, and the industry stocks are up almost 11% for the year.

The big political news this week wasgoed the announcement and decision by Voorzitter Trump to pull out of the Iran nuclear overeenkomst, which wasgoed a snaak effort to reduce and restrict Iran’s nuclear capabilities with a number of other countries. While the utter effects are yet to be determined, instability inbetween Iran and Israel wasgoed instantaneously noted spil rockets were embarking shortly thereafter and Iran has already bot talking of restarting its nuclear facilities, despite threats coming from Voorzitter Trump.

Cryptocurrencies had a harsh week, with Bitcoin falling from the near Ten,000 mark to the low 8,000s. The main news attributing to the weakness wasgoed the Upbit exchange fraud allegations and a raid by South Korean authorities. It should also be noted that Upbit wasgoed one of the largest Steem volume locations spil well, which is likely why Steem retreated significantly after the news.

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Overall, I remain cautiously optimistic about the outlook on the US hacienda markets and remain fully invested.

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