Buy EOS (EOS) – list of EOS exchanges

EOS is a utility cryptocurrency token that wasgoed released spil an initial coin suggesting (ICO) by the company with the objective to raise funds for a blockchain application. The toneelpodium EOS.IO is due to be launched on June 1, . The EOS utility tokens are distributed on the Ethereum blockchain. They provide both bandwidth and storage on the blockchain, ter proportion to total stake (wielding 1% of EOS tokens permits for usage of up to 1% of the total available bandwidth). EOS tokens also permit the holder to personages votes and participate te the on-chain governance of the blockchain, again ter proportion to the possessor’s stake.

How to buy EOS

1. Buy EOS for another cryptocurrency. Te most cases you can buy EOS for Bitcoin or Ether and you need to get either very first. Coinbase is a good option. It is a large exchange and has a Fresh York bit license. Coinbase is available ter many countries and has convenient fiat currency deposit options like credit cards, for which the toverfee is 4%.

Two. With the Bitcoin or Ether te your wallet, you can open an account te an exchange that offers trading ter EOS. There are fairly a few of those, actually. But the major ones are upbit, Bitfinex, HitBTC, OKEx, GateIO, Binance. Bitfinex also offers trading on leverage of 1:Trio.Three and trading for fiat currencies, but does not accept US clients.

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Three. Transfer the Bitcoin or Ether to the exchange you chose and buy EOS. It is worth noting that most exchanges do not charge a deposit toverfee for crypto currencies, but there are some who do, so this could be one of the criteria for choosing an exchange.

Four. Buy EOS on the exchange of your choice.

You can also buy EOS with fiat currency. There are several cryptocurrency exchanges where you can buy EOS for fiat currency, ter case you don&rsquo,t have Bitcoin or Ether and do not want to bother with opening numerous accounts and platforms. On Bitfinex you can buy EOS for USD, but spil wij already mentioned, the exchange stopped accepting US clients ter November. Another option is Bithumb, but it is mostly targeting South Koreans and using it without a locorregional handelsbank account is next to unlikely. Very likely the easiest exchange to get EOS for fiat currencies is YoBit, which does not accept credit cards, but has numerous online payment verhoging options.

Te theory, you can engage ter trading on CFDs on EOS, instead of the coin itself, but there are no decently regulated forex brokers who suggest such product, except AvaTrade. Normally, they concentrate on larger cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether. Some also suggest Dash and Ripple, but seldom pay attention to other tokens.

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If you want to store your EOS coins off exchange, you can use your own e-wallet. Te theory any official Ethereum wallet should work, because the EOS tokens are distributed on this ledger. But there are a few bespoke wallets for EOS. One is an EOS wallet by Freewallet, which also has mobile applications. Another recommended wallet is Leegloop, which does not have a mobile app, but permits users to view their funds neatly and which ones are worth the most.

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