For all its effort, a month ago, Upbit wasgoed raided by authorities te the country, sparking a bear market for Bitcoin.

Te an update on its bounty program, Upbit exposed that it paid six people for their reports on ICOs that were behaving ter a fraudulent manner.

A duo of months ago, Upbit&mdash,one of South Korea&rsquo,s largest exchanges&mdash,set up a bounty system whereby people reporting fraudulent ICOs would be rewarded for their diligence.

After Kakao’s latest announcement to launch a blockchain toneelpodium, fraudsters already hopped te to pineut people with a fake ICO of Kakao Coin.

South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Upbit is following Binance’s path by asking its vast user saco to point out shady multi-level cryptocurrency schemes, or even fraudulent ICOs, ter exchange for a prize.

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The enhancing number of scams ter the unregulated cryptocurrency sectors has coerced the massive community to be its own watchdog and the involvement of the established firms te the sector for the same purpose is truly good news.

UpBit詐欺A暗号売るトリガ) IOTA, ステラルーメン, トロン, ライトコイン, EOS: 月のためのテクニカル分析 12, 2018 – CoinVedi – CryptoCurrency最新ニュース – デイリービットコイン – Altcoinバズ

もちろん, news of UpBit involvement ter fraud is shocking and more so spells doom for EOS and Tron coin holders . This is because the majority of the exchange’s trading volumes come from the latter’s request or liquidation . It’s a definite EOS , Tron and Litecoin sell signal visible for everyone here .

EOS Price: Remaining Above $Ten Will be a big Challenge

No one will be indeed astonished to learn there isn&rsquo,t much positive momentum across the cryptocurrency markets thesis days. Bearish pressure has bot a part of the spel for most of . The EOS price is under severe pressure right now, spil the negative momentum resumes to climb on.

EOS Price Might Druppel Below $Ten

Considering how there are so many positive developments taking place for EOS, most speculators would expect a higher price by now.

Bitcoin and Other Major Coins to Begin Korea Joongang Daily reports that “during the initial stage of the service, Upbit will mainly treat bitcoin and other major alternative coins such spil ethereum, ripple and litecoin with trading volume exceeding a certain amount.

Companies of all kinds are looking to get te on the cryptocurrency exchange: retailers are increasingly accepting digital token payments for their goods or even launching their own cryptocurrencies. Now, South Korea’s largest instant messaging toneel is looking to commence a fresh cryptocurrency exchange.

The UPbit team told its clients that its exchange would remain fully operational and it will cooperate with the investigation of the almacén financial authorities.

The cryptocurrency market has fallen by large margins after UPbit, South Korea’s thickest cryptocurrency exchange and formerly the world’s second-largest trading verhoging, wasgoed raided and investigated by restringido police on May 11, .

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Raided, but Far from Finished

Investors still expect the market to recover swiftly ter the short-term spil traders budge their funds to other international and nave exchanges.

Given that Upbit is the world’s fourth largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, the entire cryptocurrency market is feeling the influence.

Just spil the cryptocurrency market wasgoed beginning to recover from last weekend’s $20 billion market cap loss, cryptocurrencies took another major succesnummer this afternoon.

Bitcoin is down more than $600 dollars from yesterday’s high of $9,396, and is presently trading at $8,734. Bitcoin Specie, now trading at $1,359, has taken the fattest succesnummer at the time of writing, plunging overheen 18% ter the last 24 hours.