Market Update


Truly nice rally overheen the past 24 hours getting above $7,500BTC for the very first time ter a long while. I am truly hoping for a nice pauze up to $9,000 but Telegram has bot littered with information about sell walls on almost every exchange. Thesis thick holders of BTC are going to different exchanges all at merienda and keeping a minefield of sell orders.

The investigation is part of the FSC and the Korean Financial Intelligence Unit (KoFIU) budge to protect their anti-money laundering laws via all cryptocurrency exchanges te the region.

Today on Bitcoin This Week wij have a weekly recap of Bitcoin news. Wij discuss Upbit and the investigation into their alleged fraud, the stand Bankgebouw of America has taken against Bitcoin and more.

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Upbit Under Investigation By Police

Chosum, a regional news outlet has reported that Upbit, one of South Korea’s largest exchanges, and fourth by trading volume globally (making it one of the largest exchanges ter the world), is being investigated by police for alleged fraud.