Dubbed the UBCI (Upbit Crypto Index), the index will be measured from four market indices based on long-term transactional gegevens at the exchange by calculating standard values ter confidence intervals, Business Korea reports.

Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange has announced the launch of the country’s very first cryptocurrency index.

Upbit, a relatively fresh Korean crypto exchange that has quickly established itself spil the country’s thickest by trading volume, is launching the very first domestic cryptocurrency index te a bid to help crypto investors better understand overall market trends.

The only similar activity is seen with Cardano (ADA), where trading volumes are also near $150 million for the day.

XVG kept most of its price levels, but the days following the announcement may see another dip.

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Edge (XVG) went through another strong rally on the Asian markets, up more than 14% overnight, to $0.099, with a view to continued growth. The latest druppel ter Bitcoin also spotted XVG increase ter Satoshi value, within a reasonable distance of its BTC price record.

The toneelpodium provides a censorship-free outlet for movie creators and livestreamers by utilizing the InterPlanetary Opstopping System ( IPFS ), along with the CryptoNight protocol to prize content creators whenever their material is viewed.

BitTube ( TUBE ), formerly known spil IPBC , has gained broader recognition and the altcoin has bot added to beloved cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex and Upbit on June Five, .

BTCManager very first covered IPBC (now known spil BitTube) ter early April , and the cryptocurrency has made substantial progress ter just a duo of months, including exchange listings and a better user practice overall.

We’re pleased that Evercoin Exchange has added Sways token.

The fresh additions to the Sways ecosystem include an instant exchange, an up-and-coming South Korean exchange and a peer-to-peer exchange based te the UK.

Swings announces its listing on no fewer than three fresh exchange services today: Evercoin, Upbit and Cryptomate.

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Evercoin is an instant exchange service based te Silicon Valley and founded by Talip Ozturk, who also created Hazelcast — an open source distributed database used by some of the largest financial services companies te the world.

Quoting an Upbit official disclosing, Newspin states “We are presently reviewing the self-regulation and there is no decision about joining the association,” Newspim quoted an Upbit official disclosing.” If the exchange chooses not to join the association, opting out of self-regulation, a problem of equality among exchanges would arise.

At the center of a latest regulatory controversy is a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange affiliated Kakao Talk. Upbit is the only remaining major exchange te Korea which hasn’t joined the others te support of self-regulation – their agreement with Bittrex presently raises the question of how the said regulation would apply to them.

The market agrees Tether is backed by something, spil it is trading spil a dollar substitute.

Bittrex CEO, Bill Shihara has exposed that the US based exchange would open up USD deposits, possibly dumping tether spil their main pairing.

He hinted that dollar deposits might be available soon on the exchange, ter a bid to keep up with the everzwijn switching request, telling,

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“Yes, there is going to be a time, I actually think it’s not that far away, when wij are going to open up for universal signups again, wij will end up doing extra requirements, ondergrens deposit sizes, and things like that to trade, ensuring signs up that are coming ter, are people who understand what they are doing…demand has bot pretty incredible.”

Based and fully regulated ter the USA, Bittrex provides individuals and businesses a world

Blockmason Credit Protocol Token (BCPT) is now listed on UPbit — a fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange based ter South Korea that wasgoed launched te partnership with one of the largest digital currency exchanges ter the world, Bittrex.

The listing of BCPT by UPbit is a step towards forging a significant milestone te the mundial debt and credit markets by opening up fresh channels of transparency and efficiency.