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Crypto exchange UPbit sent the space’s markets into a tailspin last week after South Korean officials raided it overheen fraud suspicions.

However, the exchange’s officials have quickly went to work to attempt and repair the harm.

UPbit, the largest cryptocurrency exchange ter South Korea, conducted an internal audit to prove to its clients and government prosecutors that its top brass wasgoed not stealing from clients.

UPbit has more than 130 cryptocurrencies listed on its toneelpodium but only 90 cryptocurrencies have native wallets that permit users to withdraw and deposit directly from and to UPbit.

Experts te the cryptocurrency sector of South Korea have stated that it will be difficult for the government and lugar financial authorities to verkeersopstopping charges against UPbit, South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, given that no investors were affected.

Funds Actual, No Investors Affected

Last week, CCN reported that UPbit wasgoed raided and investigated by circunscrito police, Korea Financial Intelligence Unit (KIU) and Financial Services Commission (FSC) due to suspicions of fraud.

To this extend, Upbit said: “To the llamativo complainant, Upbit pays a prize of 1 million won (USD$930).” Reporting a suspected illegal scheme can be conducted through the Upbit app by selecting the Kakao Talk consultation option, Upbit outlined.

The Kakao-backed cryptocurrency exchange Upbit has kickstarted a system to prize users for pinpointing duplicitous multi-level schemes linked to cryptocurrencies.

The exchange has already identified and reported 20 of thesis kinds of operations to law enforcement officials.

South Korea’s fattest cryptocurrency exchange has urged all of its users to make use of its fresh system geared at identifying multi-level, illicit scams posing spil cryptocurrencies or initial coin suggesting (ICO) tokens.

EOS Price Might Druppel Below $Ten Considering how there are so many positive developments taking place for EOS, most speculators would expect a higher price by now.

No one will be indeed astonished to learn there isn&rsquo,t much positive momentum across the cryptocurrency markets thesis days. Bearish pressure has bot a part of the spel for most of . The EOS price is under severe pressure right now, spil the negative momentum resumes to climb on.

EOS Price Might Druppel Below $Ten

Considering how there are so many positive developments taking place for EOS, most speculators would expect a higher price by now.

This selling is coming from people taking their funds out of Upbit spil they are worried.

The cryptocurrency market has fallen by large margins after UPbit, South Korea’s fattest cryptocurrency exchange and formerly the world’s second-largest trading verhoging, wasgoed raided and investigated by particular police on May 11, .

Raided, but Far from Finished

Investors still expect the market to recover swiftly ter the short-term spil traders stir their funds to other international and recinto exchanges.

If this is true, it switches everything for the entire industry.

Prosecutors ter Seoul’s Gangnam district have raided the offices of Upbit, arguably the country’s largest cryptocurrency exchange verhoging.

Vanaf numerous reports from South Korea’s largest news agencies, prosecution officers stormed Upbit’s offices on May Ten and 11, seizing hard drives and accounting ledgers, with police suspecting Upbit has falsified official financial records.

EOS which had bot trading at a good volume on different exchanges like: Upbit seems to have the largest trading volume of EOS.

What is EOS: Ethereum Operating System(EOS) wasgoed developed by, which comes with Dan Larimer, who previously invented Bitshares and co-founded Steemit. EOS is an ethereum based token which interacts with the Ethereum Blockachain with the main aim of solving scalability kwestie of ethereum which helps ter swifter confirmation of transactions.