The ether holdings resulted te a measure of criticism toward EOS, but the company insists that the Mainnet will indeed go live te June 2018.

On May 27, , a Reddit user TraderJoeSmo on the r/Ethtrader subreddit raised the noodsignaal about a suspected industrial lowering of the market value of ETH by a competitor cryptocurrency, EOS.

A few hundred comments straks, it wasgoed overduidelijk that EOS had indeed contributed ter some way to fuelling the ongoing downward trend of the price of ether.

And ter this case, ten procent of the total votes can indeed be decisive.

A snapshot of EOS addresses exposed that only ten wallets hold overheen 496,735,539 tokens or 49.67 procent of all one billion EOS tokens. The “raw code” wasgoed posted to GitHub after the June Two EOS snapshot.

The EOS Money Demonstrate, the company that issued EOS’s ICO and the developed the protocol’s initial code, holders overheen 100 million tokens or Ten procent of the total circulating supply.

The EOS ERC-20 tokens are now frozen and supporting exchanges will convert to the fresh blockchain.

FOMO Moments

Current performing altcoins are EOS, Ethereum, Tron and Decred.

Ultimately there has bot some good news to lift crypto markets spil the week comes to an end. The SEC’s decision not to consider Ethereum spil a security has provided a long needed boost to cryptocurrencies. The markets are still way down but are trading slightly higher overheen the past 24 hours clawing back some of those losses.

Ter South Korea, allegations of fraud and comprobaci√≥n sheet inflation against UPbit caused the investigation and raid of the exchange platform’s headquarters.

A slight ease bounce failed to salvage cryptos’ spectacle this week spil prices continued to descend. Regulations and investigations have panicked investors into withdrawing their coins for the meantime, causing cryptocurrency prices to druppel. At the same time, potential buyers are still on the lookout for the right time to purchase coins at their cheapest.

It marketed Popchain spil a token that would leverage a movie sharing toneel called Speelgoedpop TV with millions of active users ter order to bring value to the network.

UPbit and Bithumb, two of the fattest cryptocurrency exchanges te South Korea and the general cryptocurrency market, have faced backlash and criticism from the lugar cryptocurrency market for the scandalous behavior since early May .

UPbit Investigation Found No Irregularities

On May 13, , BTCManager reported that the official investigation by the South Korean police, Korea Financial Intelligence Unit (KoFIU), and Financial Services Commission ( FSC ) into UPbit led the mundial cryptocurrency market to suffer a correction, causing a domino effect across all major cryptocurrency exchanges.

1. “I don’t want to wear myself out”.

Cryptocurrency exchanges have bot under investigation ter Korea since March.

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Thesis latest te a series of arrests and seizures by Korean regulatory figures te conjunction with law enforcement are a result of a mechanism authorities waterput into play earlier this year to end anonymous trading.

The exchange’s office ter Seoul, South Korea, wasgoed raided by Ten investigators from the country’s Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) at Ten AM KST today, almac√©n publication Chosun reports.

Ter order to tegenstoot rising frauds, the regulatory rules on the cryptocurrency exchanges have bot recently toughened.

Last week, South Korea’s thickest cryptocurrency exchange, UPbit, wasgoed searched by the authorities.

An official police investigation into UPbit held by the Korea Financial Intelligence Unit, Financial Supervisory Service and the particular police is still te process. Among other suspicious deeds and evidences, prosecutors rechtsvordering that UPbit operates its order books without flagrante storing of cryptoassets and fakes the large amounts of user funds.