With Africa’s currencies even more volatile than Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies suggest financial stability and the capability to store and exchange value of something independent to the politics ter their huis country.

BITCOIN is recovering from a acute fall on Sunday night but confidence remains skinny spil the the winter price snap fails to thaw spil spring arrives. Ripple and Ethereum are also fighting spil the caf for recovery proceeds to druppel.

Nineteen.50 – UPDATE – Some believe the twitter verbod shoved bitcoin below $8k

Friday (May 11), according to CoinDesk.

Bitbond, a German online handelsbank that lets clients transfer loans around the globe using bitcoin, has officially launched. It wasgoed licensed spil a canap te and has gained many more investors since then.

Reuters, citing founder Radoslav Albrecht, reported that Bitbond uses cryptocurrencies like bitcoin to get around the Swift international transfer system te order to lend money globally at a lower cost and ter a swifter time framework.

The publication notes, “Upbit did not participate ter the snaak declaration [of self-regulation] issued by major exchanges.” The association notes, Upbit wasgoed informed about the self-regulation.

At the center of a latest regulatory controversy is a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange affiliated Kakao Talk. Upbit is the only remaining major exchange te Korea which hasn’t joined the others te support of self-regulation – their agreement with Bittrex presently raises the question of how the said regulation would apply to them.

Just weeks after the bankgebouw released a report establishing their inability to adapt their products and services to the competition cryptocurrency poses, this seems like an attempt by Canap of America not to give their support to the crypto market, spil it could represent a verdadero threat to their current financial system.

Today on Bitcoin This Week wij have a weekly recap of Bitcoin news. Wij discuss Upbit and the investigation into their alleged fraud, the stand Handelsbank of America has taken against Bitcoin and more.

Upbit Under Investigation By Police

Chosum, a lugar news outlet has reported that Upbit, one of South Korea’s largest exchanges, and fourth by trading volume globally (making it one of the largest exchanges ter the world), is being investigated by police for alleged fraud.