Albeit this project has had a good run so far, the launch of its main netwerk has not bot received all that well.

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Spil wasgoed to be expected during the latest crypto market recovery, a further decline would occur sooner or zometeen. Unluckily for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts, that correction is taking place right now. All currencies are pulling down like flies, albeit the EOS price is certainly taking the brunt of the brunt.

There are no other altcoins ter the top 50 demonstrating green gains this morning.

FOMO Moments

After a few days of solid gains and good momentum the markets are sliding back downwards merienda again. Sparked by fears of a clampdown on Binance ter Japan everything is ter the crimson again this morning, a toneel which has become finta commonplace this year. Bitcoin has declined by 6.8% on the day and has fallen back to $8,450 with further losses looking likely spil wij inject the weekend.

That reality may come sooner than anyone expects spil wij inject the next bull run.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Binance Coin (BNB) has exploded overheen the past 24 hours while the surplus of the market stagnates ter a growing sea of crimson. After a series of negative headlines wreaked havoc on the market for the last week(s), Binance Coin (BNB) has bot chosen spil the beloved currency to lead investors from the darkened corners of the altcoin market, and into the light of positive comes back.

XRP has bot described spil the banker’s cryptocurrency for its broad implementation ter traditional financial markets.

Ripple’s XRP token surged by spil much spil 40% Saturday, leading a battered crypto market north of $450 billion for the very first time since last weekend. By the afternoon, Ripple continued to hold double-digit percentage gains while most major coins had reversed gains.

XRP/USD Price Levels

The XRP token wasgoed well off session highs at the time of writing, but still maintained a daily build up of almost 11%.

ICON may perform ter a totally abnormal way depending on the circumstances, keep you eyes and mind open to all possibilities, thesis Ideas are just a guideline but reminisce “the schrijfmap is not the territory” and go after the Bruce Lee Advice “be like water, my friend”.

ICON is a verhoging based te South Korea, they have a working blockchain and an ambitious road-map for . Their primary purpose is to interconnect inbetween different blockchains, but they will also have ICO’s and brainy contracts similar to Ethereum (Five ICO’s ready to go kicking off on April ). The interoperability space is getting saturated with too many projects right now, but ICON is specially placed to succeed, they already have a working blockchain and partnerships with real-world companies including banks and universities te South Korea spil well spil connections with the Korean government.

It is more likely that whales te the cryptocurrency market are manipulating the price of cryptocurrencies, especially those with powerless volumes, than a single exchange te Binance causing the market to fall.

Bitcoin has fallen below the $8,500 mark, merely 24 hours after surpassing $9,000. The entire cryptocurrency market has dropped $25 billion, and analysts suspect that the plotsklaps market decline wasgoed fueled by FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) surrounding Binance.

Market Slumps

Earlier this week, Japanese mainstream media outlet Nikkei reported that Binance wasgoed warned by the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) for serving almacén investors on its toneel.

Literally everything you do will be wrong te someone’s eyes and you’re responsible for things beyond your control.

The promising startup proceeds to slide ter price long after the traditional January selling, raising questions of a potential rebounce.

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Cardano (ADA) wasgoed the largest loser ter the CoinMarketCap top Ten at the beginning of March. The coin, which appreciated by leaps and bounds, has not attempted to regain the $1 levels, and may be set for a continued slide or stagnation.